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Geoff Jowett

Bodytrim Founder, Vision Personal Training Franchise Founder

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Matthew Butler

Reckon Marketing Manager 

"The Marketing Engine guys know how to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. They are clear with objectives, and very impressive when it comes to following things up and keeping projects moving. They have met and exceeded the results that we asked them for, and are on a continuous journey to improve these. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who wants a hands on and dedicated team determined to get results."

"Awesome marketers and great at what they do. Really are one of the best for any business looking to grow - fast."

"In the FIRST MONTH of working with The Marketing Engine we managed to DOUBLE revenue which was well above the target set!"

Sally Matterson

Online Personal Trainer

Greg Cassar

Internet Marketing Magazine

"We engaged The Marketing Engine to help us with re-launching a new brand that we acquired. Cash flow positive advertising and Direct Marketing was something completely new to our business and they held our hand every step of the way. If you need help, I highly recommend them"

Nikoleta Maravelias 

Brand Manager

"Big brand and direct marketing background (offline and online), giving a unique marketing insight most just don’t possess. They are strategic, can quickly spot the core marketing issues in any given situation and develop the right plan that simply gets results". 

Scott Bywater

Copywriting That Sells

Savannah Daisley

CEO Smart Cleanse

Probably the biggest mistake that I have made was not finding my Marketing Team, The Marketing Engine sooner than I did. They have optimised advertising and media for Smart Cleanse strategically with agile testing and measuring of performance, which has increased sales from 100 units a month to 600 units a month currently. Our sales forecasts are expanding each month and it’s exciting to see it all go to plan. In a short space of time they have delivered cutting edge holistic business, marketing and media strategy to increase monthly revenue for Smart Cleanse and we wouldn’t be where we are without them.

Melissa Ambrosini & Nick Broadhurst


Georgio Batsinilas


Amanda Brocket


Nikoleta Marvelias


Geoff Jowett

Bodytrim Founder, Vision Personal Training Franchise Founder

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